Monday, September 14, 2009

Food for Thought

You may think of The Afternoon as a resource for one of a kind gifts, crazy kitchen gadgets, and those items you just can't find anywhere else--but do you ever think of us when you're hungry? Probably not, but maybe you should start--did you know we have food?

The Afternoon has a long tradition of carrying the wonderful products of Stonewall Kitchen, winners of "Outstanding Product Line" at the International Fancy Food Show. We have so many delicious things from Stonewall Kitchen, we couldn't contain it to one blog! So we've decided to break it down into three categories, just so your browser--and your hunger--don't get overwhelmed.

Part 1: The Sweet Is there anything more lovely than a jar of bright, clear jam? These little jewels are almost too pretty to eat, and Stonewall Kitchen provides a great variety of jams and jellies ranging from the traditional Wild Maine Blueberry to the unexpected Mimosa, the jam version of every one's favorite Sunday morning cocktail. A jar or two make wonderful hostess presents, if you can stand to give them away! And with autumn just around the corner, consider a re-imagined favorite with our Maple Pumpkin Butter. The creamy topping is a wonderful addition to your favorite apple pie recipe, or just warm and drizzle over cinnamon ice cream--YUM. This is only a small selection of what Stonewall Kitchen has to offer, so come in (and come hungry!)